Day 26: Transparency


Transparency is a sort of buzz word these days.  Corporates, governments and people in general are using this word as a weapon and others are using it to get information that all deserve and, have the right to,  know.  When does this word become something that is hurtful?

I believe in unfiltered honesty. This culture of sparing someone’s feelings or belonging to some political alliance is bullshit.  There are so many times that the truth can’t be said because of others feelings, reputation or place in society.  I have a had politicians tell me in situations where there is clearly wrongdoing that they can’t be involved for fear of what it could do to their chances of taking a seat on a council or office.   

This makes me question their integrity and their intentions.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where a reality television star gets to hold office because of the fact he was on television.  I wasn’t even thinking about the Mueller Report but I guess this ties in here as well.  What don’t we see because it is classified?  And, what don’t we see because it could damage someone’s reputation? 

This is especially hurtful when this is someone that was my friend.  It should also be said that I can’t stand fake people.  I’m talking about the ones that to your face are engaged in what you are doing, then, the moment you stop writing checks, the calls stop coming in.  I am completely baffled that the people in the nonprofit world work in this way.  A group of people with horrible intentions can still do good after all.  

So, if you are looking to be transparent in a way that says that you tell the truth regardless of the outcome, I want to know you.  I want to know what brought you to that place.  Unfortunely, I’m one of those people that can’t lie, because I have burnt bridges, terminated friendships and sacrificed opportunities to expose the truth.  Are you transparent like ocean water on the shores of Mumbai or of Sri Lanka?