Day 27: Power and Freedom


There once was a man that had all the money, fame and friends a person could ever dream of.  He had the car, the house, the relationship, the body, the thick wallet and a robotic vacuum.  He was always surrounded by people and it seemed that everyone liked him.  Everything was glitter and gold in his life.  On the outside, everything seemed to be perfect.  He bathed in power because all of these things, but was he really free?  Freedom came at a price this man, with all his money, could not afford.  

With more money comes more problems and bills.  Even if you think about affording one of the most expensive cars in the market, you have to think about the maintenance on them being expensive as well.  If you have the house of your dreams, most likely it’s not a one-room cabin with a compost toilet and an ant problem.  Luxurious material goods require more money spent on them even after the initial purchase.  How amazing does that life sound now?

With this fame I see the ‘Instagram Influencers’ paying desperately for like and follows, it seems counterproductive to be pouring money into a product that you are preaching integrity about.  Creating fake testimonials, paying for reviews and hiring bot farms to reply to posts seems to miss the point of being a true influencer.  However, these hacks still try to preach honesty on a platform built on lies. 

In my experience, the more money and fame a person has the more favors they owe to others for that money and fame.  People form alliances to hold lies, some people have no clue they are even involved in a lie and some people live with the lies for the sake of life being easier.  In my opinion, this is, textbook, the job of a politician.  Having to keep track of all the alliances and the favors rendered would be exhausting.

How would anyone ever dream of all of this as something they would aspire to?  The fact is, this is the dream of so many in the world today.  We desire fame, 100 likes and all the money so that we can be happy or worthy.  In the digital world, most of what we see can’t be trusted anymore.  Our news gives validation to a platform that is built on, for the most part, fake followers.  We get fed these empty calories on a daily basis and eat them without even thinking about it.  Being content with where I am is an understatement at the present moment.  I am completely content being the robotic vacuum sucking up all the dog hair and pennies.