Day 29: Detachment


Everyone deserves the most happiness a person can possibly feel in this life.  Regardless of any situation, we owe it to ourselves and others to simply let go of anything that keeps us away from that happiness.  There are many techniques that you can use to find your deserved happiness.  Yoga suggests detachment or vairagya.

Many people are involved in relationships that don’t make them happy. A father-son relationship could be toxic if neither are willing to let go of their horrible past.  Two friends that use each other for various things could be toxic if one feels used.  A romantic relationship could be toxic if substance abuse is present.  These relationships all have one thing in common.  Both people in these situations have the freedom to walk away.

When we talk about detaching, most people think about it in this bitter way where there are still negative emotions related to the situation.  If you are truly letting go and detaching from the situation there are no emotions attached to the person or the circumstance.  You see the person as a human being and meet them with understanding regardless of the pain that they have caused you.  I feel I have done the opposite in the past.  Actually, I know that I have done completely the opposite.   

When someone caused me pain, I would retaliate or have some sort of huge blow up.  Sometimes, I would just walk away with anger, disappointment and sadness.  Recently, I accept the people who have wronged me.  It must be a sad life in Washington and the heart of LA to have to constant lay worry about what lies and secrets they hold.  As I have mentioned before, that’s not my karma.  If they really sat back and thought about where their Drama Llama really comes from, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out.

Regardless of the circumstance, my detachment from these people and feelings keep me on the right path, my own.  There was a quote recently that I read saying, “If you don’t build your own dreams, someone will hire you to build yours.”  That is such a profound statement.  When we settle and blame others for not living our own dream, we die making sure that someone else’s dream is a reality.