Day 30: Clarity

After reviewing this month’s blogs, I have realized that I have been writing in a way that is not documenting my life, but is giving my readers advice that wasn’t asked for.  I have way more to say than telling everyone how to live their life.  After practice of Karma Yoga this morning, I had this sudden clarity when I finished that I don’t need to write like someone is going to read it.  


When posting on Facebook , it feels amazing when everyone is commenting and liking on my posts but I don’t need to curate my material so that it is click-worthy or likeable.  In some ways, I have stepped into another layer of being me.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I love it when people read my posts and blogs and ask questions or for advice.  I will always be there for that.  I’m saying that getting people to like or comment won’t be a motivator anymore for my posting or writing.  

I believe I have fallen into the validation loop that social media experts keep talking about.  It hurts sometimes to know that I have over 3,000 Facebook friends with about 95% of them I have met in person and only 2% of them react or engage.  This is even worse on Instagram.  I’m sure there is some algorithm that is pushing my profile down or making it nonvisable.  I find that social media is completely exhausting but you have to have it for credibility and marketing anymore.  

Sometimes, I wonder if my life is interesting and then I ask the question, “Why does that matter?”  I went from no stamps in my passport less than 4 years ago to a passport that is almost full.  I have seen so many things and checked off so many boxes on my bucket list.  I find it hard to believe sometimes that my life is real.  I am grateful for everything and everyone that has helped make it possible or supported me along the way.  

As I sit on my couch on this Birthday Eve, I am reminded of all the things I am grateful for and all the things that I cherish.  Most of these things are in memory form in my mind or in photographs.  All the people that I have met and shared a smile with in the countries I have visited will remain in my heart forever.  The most valuable lesson I have learned in all of this is that the people with less material things to worry about are generally happier and more friendly.  They remain an inspiration as it is their lives that are truly interesting and they don’t need to post on Facebook or write a blog.