Day 31: My Actual Birthday


I spent my birthday completely in a peaceful relaxing way.  I sat by the pool, ate amazing food and spent the day with my partner, Doug, and my friend, Ronson.  In the morning, I had breakfast with Elizabeth and Ali.  My friend, Ali, shared a new talent that she has discovered.  She is now venturing into song writing.

Her song is absolutely amazing.  The song sounds like the title needs to be, All Around Me.  It was such a joy to hear this new found talent.  She is talented in many ways with her crafts, guitar ability and the way she shows such grace while entertaining.  She even made me a bowl by sewing rope together.  My friends and the staff at the apartments made a brownie dessert with ‘Happy Birthday, Jeremy’ written in chocolate.  

My friend Ronson had made plans to go to some cafes in Colaba, but we ended up hanging out at my apartment by the pool and enjoying the heat and sun.  We listened to music while we were at the pool. We all started to get hungry so it was time to eat something.  We went to Crafters in Hiranandani and got reflexology at a place called Happy Feet.  My feet were definitely happy after that. 

I went to bed reflecting on how incredibly blessed I am for my friends and for my partner, Doug.  The day didn’t need any impressive party or balloons.  It was a perfect birthday.  I was dissconnected from social media and was completely present to everything around me.  To be 39 feels exciting and scary all at the same time.  Here’s to the journey of turning 40.