Day 5: A Lesson

Dr. Drew & Myself

Many followers of yoga say to find a guru.  A guru is a guide that you follow in life and/or spirituality. Some people choose to follow blindly and others follow with caution.  I don't follow a guru because I’m terrified.  I have a hard time with the entire guru thing because I'm fearful of being taken advantage of or being guided down a self-serving path. 

You give money to most gurus to fund some sort of mission that usually has great intent.  My experience was horrible because I felt like I was completely doing the right thing.   Wesley Chapman, the son of Dog the Bounty Hunter, was my guru.  He had an amazing mission of helping kids that were severely abused and were labelled the same as him - unlikely to thrive.  

For most of 2018, I paid $1000 a month to talk on the phone with him once a week.   I had assignments and we followed a curriculum that was supposedly reviewed by Dr. Drew whom I eventually met.  We talked about my life story - the abuse, my fears, passions and the life I wanted to create.  In many ways he used all of those against me in the end.  I paid $1500 to fly out to Malibu and work an event called The Human Gathering where I was supposed to be a participant.  I got to drive around the founder of Make-a-Wish and other attendees to and from the hotel to the event venue. I met Maggie QDylan McDermott and the daughter of Rodney King.  At the end of the event, Wesley told me, ”You convinced me of your future.”

I thought I had finally surrounded myself with the like-minded people I had always dreamed of finding.  Then, the ’ask’ happened.  Wesley had me on a conference call with his assistant, her husband and myself.  They invited me to join them in the quest to help kids all over the world through his organization, A Human Project.  This was only an increase of $500 more a month.  I felt so sure that I was so the right path that I, without hesitation, said, ”Yes.”  

After completing my coaching program, I was asked to come to ’his’ ranch for an internship.  This internship had nothing to do with Camp Human or A Human Project and everything to do with how we were to build a product for people to enroll in The Hero’s Quest.  I also was used as an assistant for an event called a Warrior Podcast Emersion.  Where people paid an upwards of $10,000 to learn how to start podcasting.  I ended up building a clickfunnel that made Wesley about $5000 off of two women.  This was a complete disaster.  I was asked if I was all in.  Later, I learned that ‘all in’ meant to leave my life as I knew it and move to Idaho to work for Wake The Hero.  There wasn’t actually ever a real coaching curriculum in place at the time of my coaching training.  

The call never came after I left the ranch as well as a reimbursement check for gas and a lock.  The Long Shot Ranch ended up being owned by three men - Wesley Chapman, Nick Long and Russ Perry.  All of them, in my opinion, are frauds.  However, after being strung along I was reimbursed with Nick’s permission.  Wesley was eventually kicked off the ranch and is now trying to use his family for monetary gain through a vlog where companies sponsor ads with Life With The Chapmans.   

Through research, I found that his ’story’ is just that - a story.  After several days of kicking myself around, I wrote an email to his dad, Duane, Dog the Bounty Hunter.  

 ”Duane -
I am writing you today out of desperation because your son has scammed me and others out of money.  My portion alone is $15,000.  I worked with Wesley to help build Wake The Hero.  I even spent a month at ‘the Longshot Ranch’ helping him write a curriculum called Hero’s Quest, later Hero’s Legacy.  I am a signed witness on his marriage license to Jodie Jensen, now Chapman.  I trained with him to be a life coach with my main goal of helping families reunite and become functional and thriving.  Wesley used my passions against me.  After paying him over $15,000, I was to become a certified life coach.  Since, I have never received a certificate.  I have also learned that Wesley cannot have anything in his name (businesses, cars, homes) because he owes the IRS so much money.  However, he is no where listed on the businesses but is the face of them.  I am contacting you given the fact that you are THE Bounty Hunter and you are also his father.  He is in a lot of trouble right now.  He is leaving his home because of broken business agreements.  He is constantly lying about everything.  I believe he is spreading lies about you as well now that I have come to know the real Wesley Chapman.  He comes across as your relationship with him is not important but it is.  I believe in his honeymoon he was to drop a book off at your house because he was going to close his NGO if he could get you to Warrior.  Again, after all this, I’m not sure what was truth and what was lies.

I’m at a loss as far as what to do, so I am writing you today to see if you could offer some insights or advice on what I should do to obtain a refund for this scam that Wesley has created.  I’m not a rich person.  I simply paid the money because the program seemed promising and aligned with my passions and dreams. Then, that was used against me to get more money out of me. 

I’m not the only person that is considering legal options and I believe that would come back on you given the way the media like to report things. 

If you have any insights or advice, it would be completely appreciated. 

Thank you,

Jeremy Eaton 

PS. I’m sorry to hear about Beth’s return of cancer.  If anyone can kick cancer’s ass, it would be Beth.  I send my regards.”

To my surprise, I received an email back rather promptly.  Beth ’Alice’ Chapman wrote back the following email shedding some light on just who Wesley Chapman was.

”I’m very sorry to hear of your troubles .

There’s a reason Wesley does not come around this family. Wesley has tried to destroy his father numerous times . He tried to destroy his fathers website when we did let him come around  Wesley always borrows money but can never pay it back we have turned the other cheek when Wesley started talking loads of lies about his father to try and further his own career . 

He has 8 brothers he speaks to none of them his sisters do not tolerate him or Jodie as they speak bad things about his dad and me . I see right thru him and always have I do not let him have any information and I block his calls when I see him trying to talk to his dad .
He is not at all ever going to get his dad to come to any of his stuff ever we will not be associated to this garbage .

For example when we first got our tv show in 2003 he tried to go to the network and say that Duane beat his mother and abandoned him and his brother which by the way was never true his mother ran away with both boys changing their name to morgenegg Duane couldn’t even find them .. I’m so sorry you got duped but we have nothing to do Wesley he’s not a good guy

I suggest you do whatever you have to .

Again very sorry but hope you have a
merry Christmas
Judge a woman not by how she treats her peers but by how she treats her disciples.
Sent from my iPhone”

Wesley had all the right credentials, but this is how his family speaks of him?  He had spoke on Ted Talks regarding BioWorth & The Impact Theory.  He knew Gary Vanerchuck.  He had a passion to work with kids and save them.  It was very sad to know that although he really ‘knew’ all these people, he is a complete fraud.  He owes the IRS lots of money. He was using nonprofit funds to afford his personal life.  He refuses certified mail to avoid legal troubles.  All of his companies are in his most recent wife’s name, Jodie Jensen/Chapman.  This is so when it does come crashing down, he won't have to take the fall.  All of it can be found in the internet with a simple search.  I photographed Jodie and his wedding announcement for social media.  I was at their wedding on Long Shot Ranch Ranch in Sandpiont, ID.  I stayed with Jodie and the kids to protect them while Wes was gone to complete the Warrior Program.  I'm a signed witness on their marriage certificate.  I was Jodie’s private yoga instructor during my stay at their house.  It was all too crazy to comprehend not let alone find a lesson in all of this at the time.  The whole experience lasted about a year and a half.  

The lesson I learned was that not all things are as they seem.  Not all people that want to help people want to really help people.  Nick and Russ had the power to help me and did nothing but serve their own interests which is to milk people for more money disguised as saving or helping them.  Leave no brother behind, right?  The entire Wesley/Warrior podcast scheme is based off of fraud by using some third party marketing team that is based in Asia to boost their rankings.  This is so that they can rank higher in Apple Podcasts. Their reviews are fake and it makes them a ton of money.  I had an ex-police officer tell me that he is owed money by Wesley and that he wasn't getting his money.  I have not still received my money.  It was best to just move on.  So, I did.  I put out a lot of good work.  I didn't expect anything out of it yet the ’opportunities’ kept coming.  

Sometimes, beautiful smiles that seem real are absolutely not.  Sometimes the beautiful backdrop of a Malibu sunset can be a turd that was polished to a shine.  So, for those of you looking to follow a guru, do your research including some communication with his/her parents.  Be around the person - in person - before you blindly follow them.  Or, in my case, don't follow a guru at all.  If you are made in the image of God, then your guru should be your own heart.


 To be continued...