Day 44: Solitude

Today has been a day of complete rest and relaxation.  I went to breakfast and took my time with no rush.  I have been having some stomach issues after eat some shrimp last weekend.  Doug has made is back to the US after a long journey of traveling.  Moments of complete quiet are incredibly rare. 


I didn’t turn on the television until later in the afternoon.  There was no CNN to fall asleep to or to wake up to.  My mind wasn’t slapped with negativity as soon as I woke up this morning and I loved it.  I didn’t have to worry about someone’s coffee intake to be ready for human interaction.  I got to breathe.   

All 4 dogs went outside at the same time and there was no fuss because there were no people at 4:30am.  Teaching my students at 7am was a gift as we extend class as there were no students coming to the 8:15am class.  I enjoy teaching the students that’s come in with a positive attitude willing to learn what I have to offer them.  I stayed at the studio until about 9:30am to sweep and take some pictures for social media.  I have so many things accessible to me that it is overwhelming.   

I took images of me in some simple poses.  The studio gets so hot as the day warms up.  During taking photos, two things consumed my mind.  I hate my stomach area right now.  It is round and sticks out regardless of cutting back on sweets and excessive food.  I started to think about how contradictory it is to share all these photos on social media.  It is also distracting.  With the amount of time it took me to take the photos and make sure the frame was correct, I could have just put in a second practice for myself.

I got the photos taken and then there was a rush of water from an upper floor in an elevator shaft that they are working on.  The flood represented the amount of thoughts I had while taken my social media photos.  I have finally found something within yoga that fulfills my passion of helping people while also filling my cup.  Many people have a preconceived notion of what yoga is or is not.  I can’t wait to return to the states to show people what yoga can be and see transformation in people’s lives.  I felt today that I am stepping more into the people I know I can be.