Day 52: Easter


Today is Easter and a news notification came on my phone saying that almost 150 people have died in my favorite getaway spot, Sri Lanka.6 different bomb blasts have completely change the plans on many families’ Easter plans.Many will have to live the rest of their lives without these 150 people.What a sad world we live in these days, no?

Easter celebrates the rising of Christ after his initial death. In America, it widely known for the Easter Bunny. Children wake up to baskets filled with chocolate and toys. Families gather for a meal with ham. How does any of this spark feelings of violence and bomb blasts. It makes me very sad.

Religious wars are nothing new but when are people going to let each other live their own lives and worship whom they wish? It goes back to my belief that everyone is going to have haters. Some people get more harsh of a treatment from their haters. You could be doing all the good in the world and still someone will hate you for it. It is also in the eye of the beholder as to what constitutes as good. We see this in our every day lives also.

In this modern age you would think that humanity would be beyond all of this now but surprising we are still the same. An Easter Holiday spoiled by people that disagree. It makes not a lick of sense but this is the headline for today in many newsfeeds. People dying because of disagreement. When will we live in a world that cherishes all lives regardless of any difference because we all matter and are important?