Day 34: Politics

It’s hard to look at politics without the media.  At every turn, the news is reporting corruption, greed and disagreements between governments and its people.  It may seem hard to keep in an optimistic mindset when everything you see is destruction, protests and epidemics.  I am not sure how to exist with all of these things without getting my mind disturb. 

I have started turning off the television and have deleted my news application off of my phone. This helped for a while but like any addiction relapse happened and I reinstalled my Apple News application back on my phone.  I am from an area of a lot of small mindedness.  Having people’s opinions shoved into my brain is tiring and frustrating.  I no longer try to defend or stick up for people because of the nastiness or arguments that happens.   


Both sides are right regardless of one side being wrong.  Even if a person doesn’t see that every human being on this planet is important and needed, you can’t make them see that.  Unfortunately, our news outlets don’t help as they have polarized themselves against each other.  Their job is not to have opinions of the news.  They should simply report what is happening as fact without the reporter’s commentary.  However, I respect their opinion and don’t feel that any of them are wrong.  

For example, these days, you can have a blue pen writing in blue ink and someone will believe that what they are seeing is a black pen writing in black ink.  Both sides are right.  Fairly recently, there was a picture of a dress that some people saw one color and others saw another.  I felt that the social media experiment was quite timely as the same things are happening in the news and in people’s views or opinions of the news being reported.  Some people see a humanitarian crisis and other’s see an invasion at the border.  Again,  both sides are right. 

When we hold our opinions very high, we forget that it is the ego that makes this importance.  Therefore, is it really important?  People forget if they shut their televisions off and stop watching the news as a soap opera, the news will still keep reporting.  Your life doesn’t have to be effected by the reports of sadness or corruption.  It is your duty to vote not to wrap your emotions so close to your body that others can have their own opinion.  In the end, take a deep breath and realize that most of this stuff propaganda.