Day 38: Hours in a Day

On Sundays, I am always restless.  It is a day to rest but it is also a day to get so much stuff done.  It is usually turns out to be a day where I ge to hang out with Doug doing some sort of massage and watching television.  It has recently turned into a day where I turn off my brain and just simply rest.  


During the week, I feel like I need about 4 more hours in the day to get more done.  I have stressed  heavily on getting the proper amount of rest so that I am not depriving myself of sleep.  I do this for myself but my motivation has also been my students.   I would hate to be the first interaction someone has and it not be an inspiring or motivational one.  This also motivates me to be this person everyday.

I have been cooking food that is healthy or ordering food online that is health conscious.  There is a trend right now in Mumbai for these delivery only places that sell delicious simple food.  This allows for me to get more done in the day since I’m not in the kitchen cooking.  I love cooking and I like having the control of how much oil and salt goes into my food.  It brings peace of mind too to know that I have washed the vegetables properly before cooking.

I want to be able to read more books and gain more knowledge.  In its place I have not been even turning on my television in the evening after I return home from class.  When I say television, I don’t mean benge watching a favorite Netflix show but more like turning on the news for background.  The news makes me restless.  It causes so much negativity in my mind regarding politics mostly.  It’s a sad corrupt world but sitting in front of the television listening to reports does nothing to solve the, I have opted to turn the television off as of late.

I know in my heart of hearts that I can’t do anything to change the amount of hours in the day, but I can choose how I fill those hours up.  I think it’s a common misconception to want to cram all the things we are learning our lives right now but it is important to be reminded that change take a lot of time.  Your commitment to change is just one water droplet on the stone.  It takes years to create the groove.  I am reminded while writing this that I need to enjoy the ride.