Day 39: Back to the Grind


It’s Monday!  That means getting this week started and for some it means doing the same thing over the next 5 days so that we can do nothing for 2 days.  Is this really how we live our lives?  Work, eat sleep and repeat over and over.  This life of monotony sounds terrifying to me.

This week Doug leaves for several weeks and I plan on making changes to my diet by doing a fast and cleanse.  I have a book that I am going to try to follow and if needed I will have my friend Reema help me.  Some of the ingredients I have not heard of before.   I am deeply dissatisfied with my body shape and weight.  I feel that what I’m putting in my body keeps putting me in dips of depression.  

Although, mostly what I have been putting in my body is completely good and clean, I recently celebrated a birthday so cake was involved.  (A lot of cake.  Thanks, Ronson and Mom!)  It is remarkable to have cut sugars so muchthat when I have had an abundance of it, I notice a difference in my mood.  Now that the birthday feasting on sweets is over, the focus of healthy eating is on the horizon.  As I sit through my anatomy class, it becomes confusing as to what is good and what is bad for you anymore.  I am listening to my body and it is not very happy.  

Are Monday’s a dreaded day or a day to be excited about?  Ultimately Monday’s are my favorite days.  I feel most motivated on Monday’s as this is the day that sets the week.  You can create all of your intentions and goals on this day.  You can even try something new to see how it works until the following Monday.  You can add that one thing in that you have been wanting to do.  I love Monday’s! 

Celebrate your Monday because it is a rebirth.  If you have a hard time getting into celebrating every morning for the simple fact that you woke up, then Monday is the perfect way to start.  You get the opportunity to start a new week however you want.  Switch things around.  Eat veggies for breakfast.  Do some sit-ups to start sweating first thing in the morning.  I’m starting with food being my focus this week.  I am going to start being present to what I am putting in my body.  This time next week, I hope I can look at myself and celebrate a goal being squashed.