Day 113: Vibrations

Today, Doug and I attended the first day of a certification program to become sound healers.  The entire day was spent talking about brainwaves and experiencing the power of sound in our own mind and bodies.  I would be lying if I said I don’t feel different on the inside.

At first, we sat at tables with a man, Revish, playing this guitar like instrument with one string.  He sang this beautiful prayer and we started.  He explained his background and how he became interested in the power of sound.  This technique is actually called Nada Yoga and is also part of a Kriya.  He immediately gave us our first therapy session so that we could experience it for ourselves.  

I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt after just one session.  The vibrations of the bowls completely brought me into the present and relaxed my muscles completely.  We continued with the sessions by practicing and my partner was my practice client.  Practicing on him reminded me of the joy I felt while in massage school.  After a few minutes, he began to snore.  He gets embarrassed by this but I feel honored that m practice can bring such a state of relaxation.  

I drank several Chai throughout the day without guilt and had several small desserts with our lunch.  I don’t feel guilty for this because I can not shame myself for feeling good with sweets.  I think I have learned my lesson because I am not craving these things and I don’t feel that urge to overindulge.  I refrained from sugar and sweets for several months now and can feel the difference mentally in regards to both.

It was a great first day of the training and look forward to tomorrow.  I am sleepy and can feel the heaviness in my body from waking up at 4:30am, teaching and ending the certification training at 6:30pm.  Surprisingly, time didn’t seemed to drag on and was experienced quite the opposite.  Looking forward to what tomorrow has to bring.