Day 12: Everyday is Your Birthday


I wake up, most of the time, not to spite my partner as he would think it to be.  I am truly thankful to be alive because I have done some stupid shit.  Despite all the reasons of how I could have died, I have made it, I’m here and, today, I’m feeling fearless.  

When I think of birthdays, I think of celebrating, hanging out with friends and, generally, feeling happy.  Do we think nearly as often as we should about gratitude for just being alive?  As I have been thinking on this, I find that I’m not only thankful that I am alive but thankful for everything and everyone that is alive.  Gratitude and thankfulness for life itself.

Every night we go to sleep, we die.  We literally fall into another state of consciousness.  Every morning you are born again.  You can make new choices and become a new person.  You can be anything you want.

The fact that you breathe should feel like a gift given to you from someone that you will never meet or know.  Listen to music on full blast and sing until you loose your voice.  Laugh so hard that your abs hurt the next day.  Have moments where you have never felt so much love in your life.  These are all possible because you can create it.  If those are the things you want, you are those things.  

If you had the shittiest of days, go to sleep telling yourself that tomorrow is going to be a better.  Then, lay thinking about what it will be like.  Smell it. Taste it.  Feel it.  Dream about it.  Then, the next day, the very first thing you should is stretch your arms, point your toes down, take a deep breath in and exhale. 

It’s your birthday, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

Happy Birthday!