Day 18: It’s All in Your Mind


Most people have found themselves during asanas practice falling to the ground because their bodies said, ‘I can’t do this anymore!’  Let’s look at this statement.  Your body said something or your mind said something?  Most likely your mind said it, not your body.  

How many times do we give up when it is literally mind of matter? When someone causes us grief in life, it is our choice to fight or let it go.  A failed relationship turns into a malicious cycle because neither on want to give up.  Maybe one has to have the last word or jab and the other seeks revenge.  The cycle continues on. 

How about when we want something?  There is the easy example of getting something out of the refrigerator.  The sofa could be 10 feet away and we have to make a conscious choice to get up, open that fridge up and grab a piece of that chocolate cake.  We could just say no and not let the mind speak for intellect but you want that piece of cake.  

On a larger scale, how many times have we done this with job opportunities, community leadership opportunities and getting the day started early.  We all know that the first thing you should do when you get up in the morning is get out of bed and start moving.  Yet, we will stay in bed, get on our Social Media, fall back to sleep and go through the same cycle over and again.  I have tried charging my phone out in the kitchen but I can’t seem to shake my addiction to Apple News first thing in the morning.  

Both examples require us to take some sort of action to get what we want.  Is it possible that the mind does limit our body?  What would happen if the thoughts in your mind stopped while you are just cornering around the 2 minute mark during plank?  Maybe most would be able to hold plank for 7 minutes like Cher.  Regardless, I believe that we are more capable than what our minds think.  Until I can make that chocolate cake levitate to me, I’m going to keep getting up off the couch.