Day 60: Strength

With all of the Instagram celebrity trainers showing off their physical strength, did you know that there are actually 4 different types of strength?Besides physical strength,there is also mental, moral and spiritual strength.In aligning all 4 of these you will be strong in areas that you never thought possible.In gaining strength, these all take exercise and training to achieve such strength.


Physical strength is one of the easiest types of strength. Anyone can go to the gym, lift some weights around and hop onto a treadmill for about 20 minutes. The question is - how many of us actually do that? I have this problem myself with getting the motivation after teaching and being in yoga class myself. This leads to the next type of strength.

Mental strength is where will power comes in. It takes will power and determination to get up every morning and put those tennis shoes to tackle the gym at 5am. Having that mental strength will help you in attaining those fitness goals and body appearance. Mental strength will also help in not engaging in gossip or knowing when something is not for you. This type of strength helps you to not give up on projects or goals.

Next, your moral strength is there to help you do what is right in the face of social or political pressures. Regardless of outcome, a person with moral strength can always be found with an unwavering moral compass. Morals determine a persons character so without moral strength you will find them unable to give into their material needs. Moral strength keeps the temptation of doing something wrong that would only help you selfishly.

Spiritual strength doesn’t have to do with God or religion completely. Having a spiritual strength helps you to let go of things. We often say, ‘I give it up to God.’ Having spiritual strength allows a person to be free. The spirit is meant to be free of pain and torment. Believing in a higher power or yourself will help with spiritual strength.

It takes all 4 types of strength to make a strong person. Without one of these types a person can’t be completely strong. For example, a person that lacks spiritual strength usually is lacking in moral strength as well. Also, a person that lacks mental strength doesn’t usually have physical strength as a person lacks the discipline it requires for physical strength.