Day 73: A Tribute to Mother

Today is Mother’s Day. My mom is completely amazing for so many reasons. We don’t realize until we are older just how much a mother does for their child and even then you can grasp everything that she has sacrificed and done without you knowing. Mothers care and love their children so much that they start to forget about themselves.


I have a yoga teacher that doesn’t believe in the saying, ‘I would die without my children.’  She says that it is not that they would die without their children but that they wouldn’t know how to live for themselves.  This how much a mom loves her child.  However, when is enough simply enough?  My mom deals with the jealousy between my brother and sister, my dads negative attitude despite him constantly pointing out when other are negative and juggling being a babysitter and a grandma.  She constantly says that she is doing a lot better in saying no but the truth is she just can’t.

When racing is more important than your children, my mother will pick them up and take them home when they are sick.  When you need a date night, my mom will watch your kids even after you just claimed that they never see their grandma.  When my mom has worked just as hard as everyone else, she will pick up your trash because you are too lazy to throw it away in the trash can just behind you.  You wonder why sometimes she is in a bad mood.  I call you ignorant. 

When your kids need a birthday party because you have no idea how to provide for your child, she will make the decorations and even the cake.  (Which takes two days if you ever cared to notice.)  When you want to go racing with your son so you can be proud of him, mom will stay at home and watch the kids and your dog.  When she complains about being tired you should listen because she says it less often than you think.  When you get a dog and she says that she will not be the one to take care of it, you should listen because now in addition to having grandkids all weekend, she has to wash your dog. 

When you want to call my mom unbearable sometimes.  Maybe you should ask yourself what you have done to give her happiness.  She’s not a hard person to please unless it comes to cleaning.  Maybe you should not let her forget how much she is loved by you.  Make sure that she can’t forget.  Make sure that the next time you want to put her down in front of people or ‘stay at the farm’ that you make sure she has everything she needs to watch your son’s grandchildren.  Next time you see her treat her like the gold that she is.  My mom is the best mom a son could possibly ever have and I can’t wait for the rest of my family to realize it.  Not just today, but everyday.