Day 75: Dreaming Out Loud

When I’m finished with yoga school, I have a plan to open a yoga retreat/learning center. I am wanting to help families deal with stress to ultimately become better working units. They can then graduate from my certification program with the ability to help other families. My goal is to help parents to break the cycle of abuse and not pass it on to their children.

The Jeremy Eaton Yoga.jpg

I am starting a yoga subscription program to reach families that are not able to be close geographically. This program will also be for the individual wanting to learn more about yoga and concentrate on their asana skills. I will have a curriculum so that the participants will be able to follow. I will provide coaching through phone calls. Parents will be able to accept their gay child. Children will be more compassionate towards their parents.

My dream doesn’t stop there. I want to train others to become teachers joining my mission in helping shape this world to make it a better place. This will be a mission that even school will be able to stand behind. Imagine a class of recent high school graduates walking into college with a marketable skill before they even start their first semester of college without a tremendous amount of debt. The cost will be affordable and also help me get out of student loan debt.

Having a two-month program to train teachers will make the program accessible to corporate workers, homemakers, students and people trying to take the leap into something new. These teachers will then become part of a network of teachers that schools and businesses can pull from to bring yoga to them. With the curriculum that I am building, there won’t be a person that won’t be able to participate and find some peace of mind. I plan to take the practice of yoga in mental institutions and prisons.

I have finally found something that I can dream big in. I am not in the shadow of someone else’s dream and I have no strings attached to anyone else and it’s beautiful. I am not dependent on the approval of a boss or a supervisor. I have mentors that are supportive of me and believe in me. This may be the first time in my adult life where I feel independent for the first time. Everything I have done is leading up to this moment. I feel the reigns in my hands and it feels incredible to know that I’m driving this train.