Day 82: Changing a Mindset

When starting to get in a funk or starting to take a negative view of the world, it is always helpful for me to be present to that mindset and notice the choice I make while having that mindset. We make choices based off our frame of mind all the time. Our mindset says a lot about our view on life and our character. While it takes time, the best part about a mindset is that it can change. Here are a few steps I have taken to change my mindset over the past couple of years.

1. Remembering that Everything is Temporary

While in a horrible situation, it may seem that the walls have come crashing down. In reality, they have only been torn down temporarily. If you want to rebuild them, who’s stopping you? Everything from our thoughts to our body itself is temporary. With this in mind, the impermanence of life is really freeing. Since nothing can last forever, what is stopping you from making that career change at 40 years old? You’ve been hurt so many times so you don’t have the want to have a social life anymore. Secretly, you blame a group of people for not wanting to venture out and have a great time meeting new people. These people are temporary as well so don’t let them affect your decisions and mindset about a group of people, an organisation or entire town.

2. Be Clear on What You Want

Clarity is sometimes the distance between a millionaire and beggar. In my travels, I have noticed that the people who have more are miserable and the people who have less are completely happy. Some of these people chose happiness so that resulted in money being less. Others have chosen money because they think it will make them happy. The person that chose happiness specifically chose that and the person who chose money thought that would be the means of something else. Clearly, if you know what you want, state it, write it down and envision it. When people say they want world peace, I always challenge them by asking them what are they willing to do to make sure that happens. Many have no clear idea of how world peace happens due to the broad scope that encompasses. Be clear, make a checklist and make it happen.

3. Spend Time Working on Change

In the land of Facebook and Instagram, people share quotes all the time to inspire people. Most of the time people are so addicted to that instant feelings of happiness that they move on to the next quote. In some cases, people reading something inspiring and forget it about 2 minutes later. They don’t meditate on those words to let them really sink in. The manager that spews positive quotes everyday but then yells at the assistant because the coffee is horrible. Sound familiar? In order to change you have to spend time working specifically on the change that you want to make. You want to be more kind? Then what acts of kindness have you done in that last several days? When was the last time that you gossiped about someone to a close friend? That’s not very kind. Bring change is being that change and putting that change into action in every facet of your life.

When it comes to changing a mindset, it does take time. When we balance time with effort, the changes will come guaranteed. The road to change is different for everyone. Being persistent, clear and free will help you to be your authentic self. Being able to be yourself without any apology will ignite a fire under you to set another thousand fires by inspiring those around you to do the same. Enjoy today and know that tomorrow you have the choice to be the person that you want to be not the person you feel you have to be.