Day 136: Yoga and Depression Pt.3

To conclude my entries on Yoga and Depression, I want to help others because I am all to familiar with the fact that I do not suffer alone. Since I have worked on my strength, I have enough strength to know that fighting alone is not mandatory. My partner struggles with seasonal depression so understands to a certain extent what I go through. His support is incredible because he supports me even when I don’t know that I need it. So, you are depressed and don’t want to take medicine? Here are some things that I keep in mind that help me everyday.

1. Get Out of Bed Even When You Feel Like You Don’t Want To

This may sound very easy but for a person that struggles with depression, it may seem like to most daunting task imaginable. People experience depression differently. Some people feel a huge lack of energy and some feel more energy. If you feel like you are experiencing mania, please seek help. This blog is not meant to be medical advice. For those of you experiencing the heaviness that I have felt, you have to force yourself to get up. I have told myself out loud before to get out of bed some mornings. After getting out of bed, take a shower. This will help wake you up. I sing in the shower or hum songs to pep myself up.

2. Stay Active

Although getting out of bed may feel like enough of a challenge at first, try to resist the urge to sit down on the couch in front of the television. The moment you feel like laying down or sitting down becoming inactive do exactly the opposite. Go for a walk around your block or do something that will keep your mind active like coloring or creating something. The more you do this, the more you break the habit of stopping and thinking about your depression. Don’t be in denial about your illness. Instead, be proactive in accepting that it is an illness that you can overcome.

3. Never Forget Your Support System

I forgot about my support system and thought that I had to deal with this on my own. You should never feel like a burden to those that you love. In that same respect, don’t be the person that uses your depression to complain about everything. Tell your support system that you are having a bad day and need someone to talk to. Talk about the things that are going on inside you rather than pointing out everything wrong that is going on outside of you. Accept their love and know that you are never alone.

These three things that I did during my journey. I went through the detox of my medications completely alone and felt isolated even from my partner. However, he was as supportive as he could be and we made it through it. I also have the privilege of traveling during this time but also lost all of my friends. I would be lying to you if I told you that the road to fighting depression is easy but I am proof that you can because I still do to this day. You are never unworthy of love to yourself or others. Remember that and, if you need to, say that out loud everyday until you believe it.