Day 141: America, Get It Together

The state of America is completely divided into three different groups. I describe these three groups in the follow way - The Globally Connected People, The Rich Leading the Poor and the Passive. I am going to take a current situation in the media and explain the perspective from all three different sides. It is completely fascinating to watch American politics from the other side of the world. This geographical different has changed my view and my approach.

1. The Globally Connected People

Recently, the President of the United States has made statements about 4 freshman congress women that have the hair standing on the back of necks of some. To hear the vile words come out of the President’s mouth like he has some sort of personal vendetta against these women is very disturbing. Growing up, I always looked at the President as a man that joined everyone together, but this current president wants to see everyone divided. He strongly believes that no press is bad press and bad press is still press. For Globally Connected People, it paints the United States as small minded and unwelcoming. This is very far from the truth for the Globally Connected. These people tend to speak out only giving the President more fuel for this fire. What can you do to stop this hate when the entire nation was on a path of starting to love their neighbors?

2. The Rich Leading the Poor

This group of people are dangerous because their silence of the blatant racism that is being spewed from the White House is disgusting. They know that their silence is allowing the poorer people of the nation to think that the one’s actually defending America are the bad guys. They know what is being said is wrong, but do nothing about it. Many Republicans would be yelling impeachment if President Obama would have said that a white man hated America. The current President is saying exactly that about American of different races because they are brave enough to stand up to him. I don’t see them backing down anytime soon and, equally, I don’t see the rich Republicans telling the President to stop (until it starts affecting their polling numbers). Money holds power the same as silence.

3. The Passive

This group is just as dangerous as the The Rich Leading the Poor. They have personal beliefs that what is happening is wrong or right but stay out of it completely. Their silence on either side is what people want. They don’t want to cause an argument or outrage so they remain quiet and stay ‘out of politics.’ In this day and age, staying out of politics is letting evil win. That is what is happening. Evil has wedged itself in between uncertainty and fear. When people are afraid, they have a fight or flight response and, unfortunately, many Americans have used the flight response for this very situation when love should win. These women have received threats and the very people that should be protecting them are saying that they hate America while The Passive are remaining silent.

America is not perfect but one thing that we have always prided ourselves on is that we are a melting pot of culture and diversity. Even the white people that are spewing this hate, weren’t originally from here. Blacks were brought her by force and then hated because they wanted rights. Hispanics try to escape her to escape crime, gangs and drugs and are then called rapists. Children are being separated from the very parents that were trying to get them a better life and then being put in conditions that we don’t even allow most pets to live in. What’s wrong with America is that everyone has an opinion but lack the power to do anything about it because the man in charge has more money than he deserves and a mouth louder than any voice can match. America, get it together.