Day 144: 3 Ways to Find a Peace of Mind When Experiencing Anxiety

For anyone that has experienced anxiety, they will tell you that the effects can be debilitating. While at the grocery store an overwhelming crowd could seem like a sea of people that will never end. A heart beating rapidly and the breath becoming more shallow could seem like the beginning of death. A tingling feeling or rush of heat with a ringing in the ear that could happen at any moment could leave anyone with a terrifying worry. While there are many reasons to look at anxiety and be defeated by it, it is often forgotten that you don’t have to lose to anxiety. Here are three ways that you can defeat anxiety:

1. Remember, You Are In Control

One of the most paralyzing aspects is that it can surface at anytime like a dormant volcano or earthquake. While the natural disaster can be predicted, the response to that natural disaster. The same is true for anxiety. The control is completely up to you. While I’m talking about incredible strength, everyone has that potential to respond and be in control.

2. Remember To Breathe

With the heart rate going up the cardiovascular system will automatically trigger the respiratory system to respond by breathing faster. Start practicing detaching from the feelings in your body and start taking control of your mind. If you are at the store, pull off to the side and start breathing through your nose. Inhale to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 4. When you bring the attention to the breathe, the mind can’t focus on anything else. Do this until you start to feel a since of calm.

3. Be Honest

Unfortunately, there is a stigma about having anxiety and the attacks that are accompanied with them. In all honesty, most of the people that create that stigma have experienced some form of anxiety at some point in their life. Some fear being on the other side of that stigma given the overall stigma of mental health. There should be no shame in asking someone or seeking a professional for help. Be honest about what you are experiencing and never be ashamed of doing so.

Anxiety is a horrible moment in time that can seem unbearable and, due to its unpredictability, can cause anxiety in and of itself. While it may seem like a loss of control is happening, we must never forget that we are never not in control of our responses. Many people associate the effects of an anxiety attack with death or dying. To my knowledge, there are no deaths to completely healthy human beings from the effects of anxiety. So, always remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.