Day 130: Kittens

For almost 6 months now, we have had a litter of kittens in our backyard. At first, it was cute but scary for my dogs because the mother of the kittens was very protective. She will still attack my Mercury if we are too close or just walking in the yard. I never knew that watching a group of playful kittens could be so entertaining.

The mother, called Mama, is very vocal. They are well taken care of for food and water but their shelter is non-existent. They climb trees, scale 3’ foot walls and run along the edges of the building so that they are protected from the huge crows. Birds killed two of the kittens in the last litter that Mama had. Last night, I made an attempt to have them adopted by posting them on my InstaStory. (@jeremyeatonyoga)

I have Batman who was adopted this morning by a classmate. I am so happy that Batman is going to a home that I know will be loved. My friend is a completely amazing person that recently lost her cat. Robin I named because it has the same marking shapes as Batman but different colors. Robin has the perfect shape of a heart on its side also. I named Lemon because of its love of Lemongrass leaves.

Pirate is the most lovable our of all of them. Its name comes from the the black streak over its eye. Dot is beautiful and very playful with its brothers and sisters. Mama and all of her kittens deserve a home. I have seen her eat snakes and bring bread to places in the watersystem to feed her babies. She hid them once in a box by this huge fountain. We actually all thought that this litter of kittens were dead because they were not seen for about 4 weeks after they were born. We would see Mama but no babies were anywhere in site.

We have been taking care of them along with the other guests and children in the apartment building. They eat sausages, warm milk cat food and treats along with whatever they are starting to find fro themselves. They have brought smiles to so many people. I want to repay them by making sure that they they go to homes and get out of the rain.

The timing of this life lesson seems kismet during my yoga training and the constant reminder of Karma Yoga. I don’t even know if I would call it that. I find words hard to describe the amount of love I have for these kittens. It was like God gave me this lesson to take care of his creation. I’m going to continue to try to find homes for these precious babies.