Day 153: Expectation

The past month and a half has been all about detachment and letting go of expectation. Surprisingly, since practicing this I have been less surprised with some outcomes and completely surprised by others. People, by nature, are completely predictable for the most part. Like a web stalker that knows that he has done wrong frequently checking my website. Specifically him and spectators are constantly are looking at Day 5: A Lesson. People who sit back and do nothing enable this person to keep doing what they are doing and they are banking that you won’t do something. He will lie, cheat and tell even more tales like the one of his childhood to get out of anything or come out ahead. So, what do I expect?

I expect absolutely nothing. I used to expect that being a good person would grant me access to amazing things. Unfortunately, that’s not the way life works. It sounds depressing on its face but it is liberating to know that you don’t expect anything. There are more surprises and rewards when you don’t expect them to come by doing some action. While I’m touching on the subject of Karma Yoga, I’m not saying that this loss of expectation and attachment are directly related.

With the situation mentioned above, I don’t expect that justice will ever come because liars and cheats win in today’s world. He will continue to collect donations for a bogus organization that hasn’t held camp in three years. Unfortunately, he is entering the sloppy stage of his criminal activity. The most sad part about this is that some spoiled brat as the son of a reality television star will indirectly ruin the reputation of people actually helping thousands of children and families.

Not all practices of losing expectation are bad. Losing expectation in relationships is also beneficial. Knowing that you are being the best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, coworker, parent, husband and wife day after day, assures you peace of mind at the end of the day. Having no expectation will actually bring you closer to all of those relationships. If you expect nothing, you don’t get hurt and you are not angry with that person. You expect your husband to take out the trash and he doesn’t do it. You get mad and your entire night is ruined. The trash simply needs to go outside. Even if your husband said that they would take it out, don’t expect them to. This will save you a lot of emotions in the end.

At the end of the day, the person that did wrong has to sleep with that. Their tortured, paranoid life is nothing that you should ever desire. Get the satisfaction that the person continually checks your website to make sure that you are not talking about them. If you are getting hurt by someone’s actions or inaction ask yourself why. You will find that 9 times out of 10, it is your ego that is bruised or you want to be right. In either case, take out the trash (literally and figuratively) because you can.