Day 194: Politics Today

I have struggled with not letting politics disturb my peace of mind but it is hard to when the media is bombarding your notifications and email constantly everyday. I have deleted the news app off of my phone but found myself feeling cut off from the world so I reinstalled it about a month ago. I am shocked at the headlines I read and wonder what happened to the United States while I have been gone. While I have gotten this broader perspective of life and my place in this world, the United States seems to have isolated itself in a tantrum of greed and fear.

I am most shocked about our headlines recently as it seems the president is trying to see how much he can get away with. First, it was the attacks on four women freshman in congress. Then, the sharpie conspiracy where it is alleged that he doctored an official map of the path of Hurricane Dorian. Lastly, inviting members of the Taliban to Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11. All of these are equally disturbing to me because I would think that a president would have much more to do than to think selfishly of himself and his own interests.

The attack on the four women is closely linked to the confusing hatred our president has towards the Muslim faith. I have many Muslim friends and all of them are sincere, non-violent and honest people. The portrait that the US has painted of these amazing people is sad and inaccurate. However, our president now wants to ‘secretly’ invite members of that faith that have direct links to the attacks on our Pentagon and the World Trade Centers. It makes no sense.

Drawing on a map may be something that a kindergartener might do not knowing that the map is important and an official document. However, the president is well past kindergarten age and knows very well what he is doing. Doctoring a map may be funny to a person that has servants and security detail but to an average citizen knowing that you have hurricane force winds heading your way starts a series of actions for preparedness. The fact that he flexes his muscles to get what he wants shows that he is a very weak person.

Is it true that his mental capability is less than what it takes to be the leader of the free world? It certainly seems so with his current actions. He has no idea the weight of his words and actions. I’m so sad that he makes the choices he does. I started to have faith that knowing that he would realize his power and start to be humbled that he made it all the way to the white house. I have since lost this faith and am just counting the days until he is no longer in office.