Day 205: Happiness

Today, we took Pieter and Lyndon to Nasik and Trimbakeshwar. They were not anticipating the car ride as bad roads turned into worse roads. The monsoon season has completely destroyed some of the roads and highways in and surround Mumbai. There were 5 adults stuffed into a Suzuki Desire. It was a trip to say the least.

We did the winery tour and, for the most part, the winery is very comparable to what you would experience in America as the owner modeled the business after a winery in Napa Valley in California. The winery is called Sula Winery. You drive into fields of vines. They had just trimmed them so there were no leaves on the vines just the twisted bark on the wire strings.

After we left the winery, we headed to Trimbakeshwar. This is one of my favorite temple towns of all time. The people there are always nice and welcoming. The have a tea stall there that the same ladies have prepared all three times I have been there. The items for sale are very cheap as well. I bought some necklaces and Prasad to share with my classmates. Also, I bought some tools to mark some of my students’ foreheads with colorful designs.

We didn’t go to the temple but enjoyed our trip. We ate McDonald’s twice today. That was very different to the diet I have been following but it was tasty and I enjoyed it with friends. Mr. P went with us as well. I always enjoy my time with him. He has great stories and is a trove of knowledge for Hindu religion and mythology. He enjoyed his time away from his wife which he said was needed.

Overall, I’m just filled with so much happiness to have friends enjoying a culture that adopted me so openly. I’m happy that our trip was successful and the roads didn’t make anyone irritable or unhappy. Everyone enjoyed the trip as we didn’t reach back until around 11pm. We still hung out and enjoyed some drinks together and then headed to bed. We have to get ready for a 5 hour spa day tomorrow before Doug and I send them off to Vietnam in the evening.