Day 14: It’s All Dust

While in class today, a profound statement was made.  The teacher said, ‘It’s all dust.  We all go back to dust, isn’t it?’  This is a completely amazing thought.  We come into this world as one being and leave in the form of trillions of particles.  We leave behind dust.


Put this in perspective of our viewpoint of dust.  We dust our living spaces and discard the tissues that we use or shake out our dusters.  If this dust is so disposable, why should we take life so seriously?  We will all eventually turn into something that nobody wants around.  No?  I want to see your house.  We all tolerate and collect dust.

Look at your house in the sense of your life.  Is it all neat, tidy and dust free?   Do you collect people, memories or things?  These things are probably held to such importance that you attach emotions to these people, memories or things?  It is human nature after all.

Start to take notice of the things around you that you hold so close that if broken, talked about negatively or wronged, you would be shaken.  Do these things matter?  Holding grudges, disagreements and broken vases aren’t really Worth it in the bigger picture of things.  Does it matter at all?  There is so much freedom in that as the ego subsides.  So. Much. Ego.  Who are you trying to prove wrong?  Who are you trying to prove right?

It all turns to dust.  Those people, things and memories will all turn to dust.  So, if you are holding on to an emotion that disturbs you, is taking you off of your path or you can’t let go of, dust your house.  For those situations that the dust hasn’t settled yet, surrender to the dust because it comes if you like it or not.  After all, it’s all dust, isn’t it?