Day 15: Is the World Ready?

If you could wave a magic wand over your life and change the one thing that could make it all better, would anything really change?  It depends on how powerful your magic wand, or will, is.  At the end of this year, my partner and I will premenantly return to the US.  In a way, I don’t want to go back.  This all hit me this morning. 

I have enjoyed the comforts of being somewhere new and exciting.  I love being in a constant state of curiousity.  It is pointless to point out that life in Mumbai is slightly more exciting than life was in the Midwest.  Most importantly, I have grown so much that I wonder if the world is ready.  It wasn’t ready for me while I was there.  How will it be ready now?

I have dreams that haven’t even been dreamt yet.  So, how relevant is the world of Yoga to me right now?  It very relevant in this bubble that I live in.  Indian culture is very integrated in the yoga world.  I live amount people that you can feel their awareness of kharmas.  How relevant is the world of Yoga to me after I leave India?  Well, the real challenge will be sought when that happens.

I will have to combat the western thinking that yoga is only the asanas practice.  I will have to defend my way of thinking and keep true to my beliefs.  I will have to figure out how my diet will work in a world of processed foods and meaty dishes.  This strength will be up to me.  Once again, I will have to leave a land where the ocean and mountains are close by.

The region I come from has a stigma against different things like gluten free, vegetarianism and wellness.  When people talk about gluten free it’s almost like they blame the person for having the allergy.  Needless to say, the things that are so easy to come by here will be rare to come by there.  There are so many things that will change.  Since I know better, I have to do better.