Day 24: Manufactured Reality

We have all read the quotes about making our own reality and seen the coaches and guides that challenge us for a nominal fee.  Quotes are nice but living day by day reading a quote doesn’t change anything.  Hiring someone to fix our problems or, as the modern world of coaching calls it , holding one accountable, doesn’t really fix things either.  Thinking about what we want our reality and what we want it to be, it shouldn’t be lost as to what is directly in front of us.   

From my experience, most Facebook communities turn into a quote-mill.  Some of them turn into a self marketing platform or lead generation for members of the group.  When I worked with Wake the Hero, we would look for potential leads in these groups to convert them into possible customers for the 12 Weeks to Hero Program.  That group turned into a quote-mill.  It yielded no change in anyone’s life.


Hiring a coach is something that you can easily do these days but do your research before signing up and always make sure to have documentation.  Trust your gut.  Even if this person has the proper credentials, do some reference checks and ask if you could speak to others that have been through the same program.  If no one has been through the ciriculum run far, far away.  Take caution anytime you try to contact someone and an assistant is who ends up contacting you.

When it comes to manufactured reality just turn to most people who have over 10,000 Instagram followers or a Facebook Page with over 10,000 fans.  These people, excluding reality television stars, have paid for their likes, follows, or fans.  I have done this on a Facebook page once and the result destroyed the page completely.  The reality we see as users of these sites is that the person is credible but they may only have several actual followers.  Even reviews these days are paid or, on the grassroots level, the same person doing the reviews.

We often forget that the changes that we want to make are one different choice away.  There is no person in the world that can change you.  Change happens when we want it to.  Also, people never really change.  The fundamental part of who someone is will not change regardless of how much money we throw at it or try to change. Reality is what is in front of you and, in this technological age, even what your eyes can see can’t be trusted.