Day 22: Happiness


We spoke in class on the subject of happiness.  We talked about who’s responsiblility is one’s happiness.  We defined happiness in various ways.  We discussed what causes happiness within us.  All of the joys that we experienced during that one hour was almost like a key to a lock that I had been trying to find.   

Recently, whenever something has been bringing me down or immediately causes me stress, I have been taking a deep breath.  The reaction that this has is incredible.  Almost instantly, I am calm or detached from the emotions of whatever is happening.  Even in asana practice, I have been letting go when I start overthinking about how I am doing by breathing in deeply.   

Regarding work, a simple breath when noticing a repeated mistake by others or getting a negative Google review makes everything seem more manageable.  At times, two or three breaths is require to achieve this feeling.  I am brought into a present state of mind and the irritant is not such a huge monster anymore.  


I am a dog lover.  My partner and I brought over 4 dogs from the US to our apartment.  Two chihuahuas, a puggle french bulldog and a terrier farm dog, my partner and I all in a 2 bedroom apartment.  It gets challenging at times to say the least with pottie schedules, food disagreements and muddy paws.  My animals bring me joy and they love me truly unconditional and there is a lifetime worth of lessons to be learned in that.  Again, a simple breath changes everything.

Happiness is self-generated.  Saying to yourself that whatever is happening is not going to take control of you is a step towards self-realization.  Saying happiness within is saying that you, yourself, are happiness.  This is just a simple way that I am improving my everyday life.  Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.