Day 7: My Story to the Present


When I surrendered to the negativity that was happening in my life some amazing things started happening.  I was asked to teach for The Yoga Institute Powai Branch.  I started teaching at Movement Sanctuary in Bandra.  I was even the Mumbai Times to promote a workshop I did, Unicorn Yoga.  I took over the Marriott expat group as Andrea returned to Brazil.  Everything started in place.   

After several months of teaching 13-18 classes a week, I went back to the US and surprised my parents. I stayed there for a few week but was gone from Mumbai for a month.  I explored possibilities of possibly living in Rochester, NY after Doug’s assignment is over.  I spoke to my parents about moving to our family farm preparing for our next project together.  Regardless of where we land our feet, my life is going to be forever changed.   

I have just begun to explore who I am. Although Mumbai is a huge city, I have been living in a bubble.  It will be very interesting to see how life is after this year.  My dreams are to do yoga retreats and teacher’s trainings in the late spring, summer and early fall.  I plan to teach at several studios in the areas wherever we choose to live.  I want to reconnect with my artist roots and start creating visual art again.  Hopefully, I can find a theatre group to start performing again. 

To even be able to think this way is incredible.  After all my training, I am able to create the life I want to create rather than fall into the same habits or traps.  I feel myself making progress instead regressing.  I know what is good for me so I am attracting just that.  I have cut out or stopped associating with the people that are toxic to and for me.  I have surrendered to the fact that it is not me alone that is going to change this world.

Creating peace for myself, my partner and my family is a huge step but a very important step.  I have related life to painting.  You start with the broad strokes and move to the details.  Not getting started with the details and stepping back to look at this ever-expanding canvas called life.  I am enjoying the blank void to realize that that is where creativity begins and ends.  Now, all I have to is pick up is a brush and start to paint.  It’s beautiful and overwhelming place to start.   

The beginning...