Day 57: Unity

I have met people from all corners of the Earth and I am always blown away by the amount of things that we all have in common.  In today’s headlines, we are bombarded with negativity about immigrants and differences.  I think that the mainstream America misses the mark on trying to find the similarities that we have as a human race.  It makes me cringe when. I hear words like illegals or talk to one of my Indian friends about the hoops that they have to go through just to visit the US.


One way that this shocks me is that most people don’t understand the amount of change that the foreign jobs sector has had on Indian culture.  These companies make Indian people work on American holiday schedules.  This means that while the rest of their family, including their children, are off for the day they are at work.  Why wouldn’t their be an equal exchange of compromise and mindfulness?

Most people that are migrating to another country are not the ones causing violence but are victims of it.  The American President has spewed a lot of rhetoric through hate and fear mongering that proves more and more that almost half of the voting population has a fear of anything different.  They have bought only part of the story and said that this part is the only way.  What do Americans have to fear but the very institutions that are validating their fears or even cultivating them?

When it comes to personal experience, people are curious about where I’m from and what I am doing here.  They have invited me to their houses and to dinners.  For the most part, I have been welcomed with open arms.  Do I fear what is different?  Not at all.  This could be why I am attracting people who are welcoming and inviting.

There is several things that we all have in common as human beings.  We all need food, water and shelter.  We also need love.  If we focused on the fact there is a large population of people on this Earth don’t have the first three basic needs, then we could be a little more compassionate by showing love to these people.  Eventually the world will be so populated and interconnected that we won’t be able to deny the need that we have for every life here and now.  Come from a place of love and nothing can steer you wrong.