Day 77: Teamwork

Earlier this week I got the privilege of getting to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of The Yoga Institute Powai Branch. The celebration is going to be on the lawn of a member’s apartment building. The founder’s daughter-in-law, Hansaji, will be there to speak at the event following a dance dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is my first project working with a large group in a very long time. The person that I showed up as is shocking and very encouraging for future projects.

I felt that I had the choice to be in control.

With group project come a myriad of opinions and ways to work. Instead of letting everyone say that I am the best person for the job, I said no to the things that I didn’t want to do and volunteered for the ones that I did want to do. I’m usually the first one to raise my hand or, quite often, I get Volun-told to do something. I have no one to impress besides Hansaji and the founder as he may be looking down upon us always. With sincerity of heart, I’m sure they will be proud.

Other peoples’ lack of commitment has nothing to do with me.

With The Yoga Institute becoming so large, it is quite apparent that the level of students that are taking advanced classes is drastically declining. Although I’m sure Shri Yogendraji had the dream of spreading the yogic lifestyle to householders, I’m certain that all householders meant the sincere ones. In regards to the group project, people find it unnecessary to show up or even be present while working. Today, we were given the whole day devoid of our normal studies to work on our skit and dance. Despite knowing the purpose of these performances and who they were being performed for, people resorted to being on their cell phones, taking phone calls and leaving early. It boggles my mind as to the mindset of these students but their lack of commitment has nothing to do with me. I am not judging them, I worry for them as they are my classmates.

When everyone else is talking over each other, stay silent.


I believe that talking over each other is a cultural things when people are working together. This happens in the states too. However, when a room full of people are shouting ideas out, it makes no sense to add to the chatter. Despite saying that one person should lead the group, that concept was ignored because everyone knows best. Getting to observe this behavior started to irritate me. After acknowledging that, I was less irritated and became an observer of my thoughts and what was happening in front of me. Mainly, I was worried that my friend for Japan would be completely lost. Additionally, I thought it was rude for people to speak over my friend, Roshni, who choreographed the dance.

I would not be honest if I said that I’m still not a little irritated. I am clinging to past knowledge instead of staying present but I wish that my sisters would look at their actions especially given we are ‘advanced’ students. When I didn’t let me emotions control my actions or reactions, the experience was one of learning and self-discovery. I’m sure that Yogendraji was smiling and laughing at us trying to put all this together. My classmates are teaching me so much about how to love and be a better person.