Day 64: What Brings Me Joy

After teaching my fellow students yesterday, I have been thinking about what brings me joy. There are so many things that bring me joy but making a difference in someone’s life takes the cake on this one for many reasons. I have always been a philanthropist but making this into a career has been more of a challenge as people rarely value these services monetarily. Many scams are out there so when someone genuinely has a service to offer someone to improve their daily life, consumers are skeptical and for good reason.

I taught an impromptu class to my fellow classmates and, at first, I was nervous. I was thinking about being judged and the quality of the class even though we are in an environment that doesn’t judge. I was thinking about other’s feelings about me being given such a wonderful opportunity. Then, I got in teaching mode and the only thing that matter was syncing with the student’s breath. In Savasana, it was clear that people gained something from it as everyone left very quiet and at peace. This was a peace that you could feel in the air.


I receive joy in making environments of peace and love. I posted a while back that I enjoyed being surrounded by so much love that I feel like I could burst. This is what I want my life to be like. In order to do this, I have to be this person. It is my choice in how I want to live my life, right? I want people that I haven’t even met yet to know that I love them and that they always have someone to talk to in times of need.

Joy is an emotion that makes all other emotions seem to not exist. I am reminded of the movie, Inside Out. Joy has to realize that without Sadness, Joy wouldn’t exist and visa versa. My emotions are now in check and I feel more and more everyday like i have become in control of my emotions and my thoughts. I still have days that are tougher than others but I’m a work-in-progress. My teacher said that I speak from the heart. Anyone that knows me, knows that I literally have 9 hearts on my tattooed sleeve. It’s an understatement to call that a metaphor.

I have been only in this course for two months and I can feel my wiring being changed. What brings me joy? Anything that makes a difference in this world to make it a better place. I am this change in the world and there are no amount of obstacles that can keep me from it. I know that I am this change because of the obstacles that have been thrown at me. I am going to keep on working on me and my heart to purify it and nourish it. Is the world ready for this change?