Day 67: If you are having a bad day, read this.

Have you ever had a day where as soon as you start you just want to hit the reset button. We have these days all the time but what’s stopping you from turning that dark, cloudy day into rainbows and glitter? You have the power to do this in any situation you are in. This ‘bad day’ is in your mind and it is a choice to be miserable or to simply be happy.

First, your boss or your co-workers have no say in how you live your life. The fact that you are stuck in a 9 to 5 is completely your choice. It may be comfortable to stay in the same routine that you have been in because you have kids to get off to school and a mortgage to pay. Did you know that there are infinite possibilities out there for you. If you are a self-starter, you could start your own business and have the freedom you have always dreamed of having.

My life was like this until I became uncompromising for my happiness in my job. I was finding that I was getting caught up in gossip circles and conversations that had nothing to do with my productivity. I took a company from $1.4 million to $3.2 million in just two years. I did this by working from home and staying out of the gossip circles and negativity. I found I had more time to focus on what I needed to. Work became a series of task, complete and done. Thank you, Next.


Becoming uncompromising in my happiness became a mindset that made me stronger and I started looking at life with a bolder perception. During an internship, the owner of the company wanted to pay me $250 to build out complete websites where people were making millions. I looked at my requests as though I had nothing to lose. Turns out that guy lost everything because he didn’t value people or himself. This mindset would not have been possible if I had compromised my happiness.

People blame everything on everything else except themselves. When you lose other people being responsible for your problems, you become responsible for your problems and they become smaller in the larger picture. If you are reading this in your office chair and are completely miserable, you may want to start making some bold requests and see where you land. My bet is that you will end up better than you start and respect yourself a little more too.