Day 92: Dog Attack

Last evening, while walking my two Chihuahuas, a bigger, fluffy dog came to play with them. We have seen this dog before and they have all gotten along fine. This time, however, the other dog really wanted to play. First, he grabbed Maverick and bit down on his ribcage. Then, he picked up Tyson and ran about 8 meters with him. Maverick has escaped from the incident with bruised ribs. Tyson has two puncture wounds. They are both really sore and traumatized.

During this incident, I was completely in shock that it was all happening and so fast. Just as I had picked up Maverick who was yelping, the other dog ran towards Tyson, picked him up and put him down just before the steps to the restaurant. The other dog was innocently playing with my dogs but it resulted in going to the vet. This is a 1.5 hour journey.

The veterinary hospital I went to was familiar with my dogs already because our regular veterinary office is in the same chain, Crown Vet. Tyson’s foot had swollen double the size of his regular foot. The staff was friendly and the assistant I worked with was very friendly and very calming for my pets and myself. I was panicking because the poor guys were so sore. I have been keeping the apartment silent so that the little guys can relax and try to start the process of healing.

The other dog was being a two year old fluffy dog. How many times are we being the fluffy dog? How many times have you been ‘just playing’ but in the meantime hurt someone’s feelings? Our intentions are never to intentionally hurt someone. However, I bet most of us are not present to when we say things we don’t mean and hurt anyway.

There are no distractions of sound from the television or speaker on a Friday evening. I feel that my anxiety of the trauma that happened has worn me out as well. I did not go to class today and miss a lot of information on the Endocrine system. I am not teaching classes in the morning. I am using this time to create a space of rest and relaxation.