Day 93: Tired

Day 2 of watching over my babies, Maverick and Tyson.  They have been in so much pain today.  Tyson hasn’t peed or pooped since the incident.  This whole experience has made me see the importance in being gentle in all things in life.  At first it showed up as stress because in the lack of the amount of calm that I create in my life. 

I kept the television off for hours with no music.  I usually have one or the other playing at all times.  All the televisions play CNN.  Then, I either forget that CNN is playing or I turn it off and discover new music.  However, today I sat in long swaths of silence and it was beautiful. 

Doug’s mom had a bad night in the hospital in Springfield, MO.  She had gall bladder surgery, started to recover and was readmitted to the hospital by ambulance.  It is so good that he is there with her.  During this stressful time, it is really nice to be able to notice the small things and be calm in the middle of a huge storm.  I am coming out on the end feeling blessed. 

There are so many things to be grateful for.  I was able to take my dogs to have veterinarian care and they are starting the process of recovery.  Doug is able to be with his mother and sister during this difficult time and to make sure that all of them are ok.  I got to have moments of complete silence and use this horrible situation and turn it into good.  All things are as they are meant to be. 

I was presented with this challenge of taking care of two seriously injured doggies and have managed to keep my shit together.  I create space for the dogs to heal in a loving, caring and calm environment.  I don’t expect for them to love me as they probably have no clue what that even means but I am attached to them very much.