Day 101: Television

The next place I live will have my own separate living room or no television.  The past few days, I have watched everything you could possibly watch on Netflix.  I was sucked into the television vortex so much that I started rewatching a series that I have already watched twice, Schitt’s Creek.  This show is absolutely hilarious.

However, with all the television I watched over the weekend, I don’t feel that it benefited my brain or wellbeing.  I enjoy television, but lately, it has been too easy to sit in front of the television and forget about the passing time.  I have too many things to do to be watching the television.  I knowingly procrastinate using the television as an excuse to not do anything. 

I’m say that because walking down the hallway to pick up my Zomato order seemed to be too much on Sunday evening.  The weather in Mumbai has been very humid.  It zaps the energy right out of you.  Also, with watching too much television, you want to eat all the bad things.  I did find a place called The Barn Grill that has the best veggie patty I have had to date.  The brioche bun tasted just like my aunts.  It was delicious and definitely worth the walk down the hallway to collect it. 

I tend to watch things that don’t require a lot of thinking.  So, television is strictly for entertainment purposes.  I did watch a documentary on a guy who photographed all the modern day Guru’s in India.  I couldn’t tell you what I learned but the cinema photography was outstanding.  They made everywhere this man went look completely gorgeous.  The photographer took photos of a lot of famous American Film stars. 

With this said, television is going to be on the list of things that changes when we figure out where in the world we are going to live in this next chapter of life.  I should be documenting this more so that this journey would possibly be on television.  I would love to be the host of a show that explores new places on National Geographic or something.  With my new found love of travel, I feel I could bring a lot to this realm.