Day 105: 3 Things People Constantly Ask Me

I have been proclaimed a super human with extraordinary powers but I’m just like everyone else with the same potential.  I always feel awkward when someone compliments me because I truly feel that what I did is possible for them to do as well.  We all have the same abilities.  Here are several questions that people ask me when I have achieved something or performed well.

1. Where do you get your energy? 

Sometimes, I wonder where my energy comes from.  I try to eat the right foods, exercise and meditate regularly.  I tend to stay away from people and things that contain negative energy or gives me a negative vibe.  I would have to say that eliminating the things that do not provide anything positive is a huge contributor.  I am able to do my work and still have energy when I’m done.  It goes without saying that I do hit low periods of energy and I avoid people completely.  So, most people never get to see the low energy side of me. 

2. Do you ever sleep? 

This question makes me laugh because I love sleep probably more than anyone.  I know how many hours of sleep I need so I plan accordingly.  I go to my bed at around 9pm every night and am asleep or about to fall asleep at 10pm most of the time.  Sometimes I fall asleep early so that I can wake back up and spend some time with my partner.  With his work hours, we fit in as much time as we can.  I get generally around 8 hours of sleep everyday.  Sunday’s are my cheat days so I’m sleep in a little more and get 9 hours of sleep.  Knowing how much sleep I need to be at my maximum capacity is a responsibility and duty to myself.   So, yes, I sleep.

3. Is there anything that you can’t do? 

Yes.  There are lots of things I can’t do because I haven’t tried everything.  I love music, art and theatre and for the longest time I thought these things were going to be my livelihood.  I sway from thinking that I’m just not into it or it was too hard or political. I absolutely hate politics.  Someone can be the most talented person in the world but when politics are involved forget any chances if you have enemies.  I can’t get along with everyone even though I have nothing but nice things to say about everyone.  I can’t be fake.  The things that I can’t do are all within me just like anything that is possible is within you.

Being in Marketing and Public Relations you get to see a lot of people and personalities.  These are just a few of the questions that people frequently ask me. I have done many things in life because I’m not afraid of failure. I have failed many times but I always walk into a situation consuming the abundance of lessons that will come regardless of failure or success.  If you have any question that you would like to ask me, feel free to reach out at and I will respond.