Day 104: Distance

In my twenties, I did not understand the importance of distance in the relationships that I had.  I smothered everyone afraid that they would leave and that I would have no friends.  Even worse, I was terrified of being by myself.  Over the past 5 years, I have come to not only understand the importance of this distance but appreciate it as well.  Here are 3 benefits that intentionally creating some distance can help you ignite that flame upon coming together.

1. You Have Stuff to Talk About

Life can be mundane at best sometimes.  We wake up to our morning routines, go to work and come home to do our evening routines.  Doing the same thing day in and day out can seem pretty boring to talk about.  When there is distance in your relationship with one person going on a trip, there could have been some exciting news or some funny story to tell. When two people that are close are separated for a while, the urge to talk is greater so you find that there is more to talk about when they return. 

2. The Sex is Amazing

If you have ever been away from your partner long, you know that the anticipation of sex is high.  Before your suitcases even become unzipped, you find that other things have been unzipped and ready for action.  With the anticipation high and the feelings of longing, you have an emotional plot line for some savory sexy time.  Enough said about that.

3. The Love is Stronger

These days couples go through such extreme pressure from family, friends and society at large.  If a couple can spend periods of time without each other, the love that they share actually grows stronger. You have to trust someone in order to feel comfortable leaving them alone for several weeks or even months in my case.  Since they are not around each other all the time, the love is fresh and new all the time.  

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.  This statement is very true.  When you have distance and space both people are able to be free and explore more of who they are.  Becoming solid in who you are will help any relationship that you have.  The largest struggle in life is to be comfortable in silence with yourself.