Day 94: Yelp

I celebrated last night because Maverick and Tyson ate something. Maverick has urinated but until this evening Tyson had not drank water on his own or peed. I’m so excited to see that Tyson is finally on the mend. They are both very strong dogs despite their size. I made the boys chicken and rice with carrots and zucchini. All four of the dogs ate theirs. This was Tyson’s first actual meal since Thursday.

Still, their energy is not at the level is was and Maverick yelps when you pick him up. His ribs are still bruised pretty bad as you she where the dog clamped down around his rib cage. Tyson acts like his right shoulder is hurting him. He has stopped yelping when you pick him up. Maverick’s yelp is heartbreaking. You have this animal that is less than 3 pounds yelling because he is pain. I believe he is still traumatized from when he was picked up because now he pees a little. It is heartbreaking. Tyson drank water on his own today out of the normal dog bowl. This is a victory.

Doug is also celebrating a victory in the US. His mom has had a good day as well. I guess she had a lot of visitors at the hospital and sat in a chair for several hours. The last time we chatted on video, he looked just completely exhausted. I’m so grateful for him. It makes me sad that I can’t be there with him to comfort him.

I have been focusing on my eating habit because I’m starting to see the benefits of my choice to become a vegetarian almost three months ago. I have more energy since cutting out Herbalife Tea and Yerba Mate tea. I have not had coffee in almost two years. My body is a work in progress that requires daily care, maintenance and love. I’m starting to put food that is prepared with this same care in my body and it is paying off.

Tomorrow starts a new week. I will be doing a meditation workshop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with The Art of Living to learn a new meditation technique. I’m excited for this because after this past week, I’m sure that I will need it.