Day 112: Clouded

Today is International Yoga Day.  I got to teach my yoga teacher’s students and also a group from a hostel called MTNL.  MTNL is the company that handles the landline phones in Mumbai.  The students were all fantastic but what I noticed most this International Yoga Day was the change within me of who I am as a teacher and as a person.

My confidence level in my choices and my teaching are not even comparable from 2.5 years ago.  It’s amazing that I can even sit in Sukasana for several hours not let alone be able to hold asanas for a long period of time.  In my ability to perform the asanas, I can now teach others with ease and compassion.  For the most part, I can see where a student is mentally just by the expression on their faces.  An eye roll doesn’t crush me anymore.  It inspires me to try and connect with that person.

My weight has been reducing lately but, even more noticeably, I have lost inches.  I have lost enough inches that I am two holes on my belt smaller than in March.  I have started to not stress about my weight and then it is has decided to drop.  I’m completely ok with that.  I ride on a pair of pants today that I haven’t been able to wear since about a year ago.  Switching to vegetarianism has helped dramatically.

My interactions with people are deeper and more grounded.  When you are a genuinely nice and friendly person, you never have to compromise who you are to fit a situation or a group of people.  I’m not talking about the ‘nice’ people you meet who just are nice to avoid any sort of conflict but the people who are nice regardless.  Those ‘nice’ people are usually the first people to spout negativity as soon as they are around a group they are comfortable with.  I’m not having any of it.

So, Happy International Yoga Day!  I hope at some point today you got to get some fresh air and stretch your arms to the sky being thankful just for the air you breathe.  It is simply a time to reflect and feel connect to a world of people that you may never even meet.  Enjoy the world around you because all of it is temporary and if you don’t enjoy it today it might not be there tomorrow.