Day 115: Routines

Lately, I have been having a hard time with routines.  The more I try to become solid in a routines, the more often things come up and I am thrown out of the routine that I started.  I wake up everyday at the same time without an alarm.  For the most part, I fall asleep at the same time with or without  choice.  What fills the day is what gets complicated.  

When I started creating this life, I had a dream that I would be waking up in the morning and getting up right away, chanting or meditating with incense and then practicing my asanas.  I now practicing my cleansing practices and it is usually time to either meet 

Marzad in the Tuktuk or get an Uber to go teach somewhere.  

I have started to incorporate Sutra Neti into my routine helping the blockages in my nasal passages followed by Jal Neti.  This has done wonders for my breathing.  My nasal passages are clear and open allowing my body to receive more oxygen.  My concentration has improved along with my focus.  

I have been wanting to start going back to the gym but find that there is little time for this and I fully acknowledge that this may be an excuse.  Regardless of all this concentration and focus there are still excuses and times that I feel like I’m rushing around trying to do as many things as possible so I can check as many boxes off as possible throughout the day.  It doesn’t help that for a year, I was told by my coach that I needed to follow a rigid routine.  

Routines are good but to become so rigid that missing one thing throws you off.  I am working on this now to find the right flow for me.  Some days, I have to completely go with the flow without knowing what I will being doing the next hour and others the day is completely planned by the half hour.  Being present will help guide me to my routine or flow.  There are so many things up in the air right now that I need to present to everything so I don’t forget about the things that are most important to me.