Day 114: Certified

Another day of vibrations and sounds made up the entire day today.  I woke up with energy and positivity but can definitely feel a change in my body.  It is hard to describe but I can feel my body opening up emotionally and physically.  The confidence level of the subject matter was high regarding the Trigunas and Puncha Mahatbhutas because of my training with the Yoga Institute.  

We started the day with a song/prayer from Revish with the same instrument from yesterday.  It is going to be so hard to go back to the US where the culture is mainly brought from war and racism from India where people more culture literally in their fingernail.  After the prayer we did a group session with the bowls. It was very relaxing as the sounds were from all the various different bowls including a huge one that I stood in as it vibrated.  

Doug and I both became certified Sound Healers today.  This is the first thing that we have done together in a while regarding spiritual  and mental growth.  Time does not allow for us to always do these things together.  I am so happy and proud that he join me.  He even started to talk about ways that this would be exciting to bring this into a Retreat Center and help others.  To say that the doors have started to open is an understatement.

During dinner and breaks, I enjoyed sweets and tea.  I limited myself to sweets only during lunch and no cookies/biscuits during breaks.  This helped me to reassure myself that I wasn’t on my way to regressing back to old habits and addictions.  One thing that I have noticed is that I don’t associate the sweets with gaining weight but that they are just plain bad for me.  I have a very strong chance of dealing with diabetes in my own life due to a long family history on both sides of my family.  

After lunch, we learned more about the affects of diseases with use of the singing bowls.  There are so many claims that believe to have cured cancer, diabetes and other ailments with this practice.  I can’t wait to take them home to help so many people.  Now, we are certified so I have another skill for helping people under my belt.  I have the power to help change the lives of so many people in this world.