Day 121: Relaxation

There is always a day during the week that is needed for pampering. Doug and I both lead lives of long days and, seemingly, short nights. With my yoga practice, I experience body aches as my muscles are stretching and growing. Doug’s job is more mentally taxing as dealing with two different managing styles - American and Indian. Sunday’s are generally all about resting and relaxing.

This Sunday we went to Shen Reflexology. This place is the best known secret of Mumbai. The treatments here are always consistent and amazing. While the place is very small, you don’t have therapists trying to have a conversation with other therapists during your massage and the staff are all very friendly. We have made this a staple in our wellness routine as reflexology helps your entire body.

We both got 90 minutes of foot reflexology, 30 minutes of hand reflexology and a 30 minute facial acupressure massage. I leave there feeling somewhere between tired and energized. The therapy room holds about 8 people plus a space for a chair massage. There are two body massage rooms off of the entrance which is about 4’X10’. The room is dimly lit and has a sculpture of the face of the Buddha. They use almond oil which is always a good sign because almond oil is of a higher quality than what most massage places use. It also smells very good.

The therapists ask for feedback about their pressure which is something else that is commonly missed because your therapist rarely speaks English at other places. They do not get offended if you are really needing some heavy pressure and they deliver beautifully. While I usually just enjoy the pressure that the person gives, this Sunday I asked for heavier pressure and he even communicated that to the other person doing the hand and facial massages. They are just amazing.

If you are looking for a place in Mumbai to relax for a Sunday pampering, I highly suggest Shen Reflexology as it is my favorite place in Mumbai to go after a long week. You have all of the comforts of Bandra but all the relaxation of a retreat right in the heart of the city. Located right off of Linking Road, it is convenient and safe. You can schedule ahead of time and take a large group or just enjoy all by yourself. Also, I hear they are going to be running a monsoon special soon and they always have the best promotions.