Day 122: Not Today Satan

Waking up on a Monday gets easier and easier without an alarm but waking up in a mood where I want to jump out of bed and start singing is not happening. This morning’s rains are so relaxing and peaceful you could stay in bed and just watch the rain fall all day. It doesn’t help that I have 4 dogs laying bed as little space heaters to add to the comfort. However, the day must start and performing my duties are not a choice.

When traveling to Bandra this morning my fare was almost triple the normal price and on my way back the cost was quadruple the normal cost because of the rains and demand. Despite not having any of my students come, I saw another student in the class before mine. My first reaction was, ‘Oh, great, I lost one.’ Then, the personal attack on myself started. You always wonder what you are not giving students when they go to another teacher.

Questions about the last session go through your mind like a never-ending looping gif. However, not today. I started to think about how maybe my classes have helped her gain the strength to take a more ‘advanced’ class that uses so many props that I have to question what type of yoga it is at all. We are so material that we forget that our own bodies are all we need to be fit. Instead, we add kettle balls, chairs, blocks, bands or whatever else we can think of to enhance our workout.

So, after thinking to myself that the student is not really my student at all, I started to change my tune. I am not going to let my expectations and the circumstances that surrounded me this morning cloud my day. This rain can only make me wet not cause me to be in a bad mood. The price of the fairs can only take away from my monetary bank account not my emotional one. The fact that I had no students can break me or I can be compassionate that they wanted to stay in bed and watch the rain as well.

What I love most about my training in yoga is not the physical fitness but the mental fitness that is molding my thoughts and strength in any situation. I have gained my power back in ways that I don’t even think I can imagine at the moment. There is something to be said when you realize that you are a force to be reckoned with. None of the name calling or bullying can affect you because the slime slides right off. I chose this path so therefore I own this path.