Day 99: And, Repeat.

Today was a bit of a challenge. After showering and getting ready to head to Bandra at 7am, the same dog that attacked the first time has attacked again. This time she only got to Maverick. I jammed my middle knuckle on my right ring finger. Again, it happened so fast.

The giant fluffy dog was creeping up on us as Maverick and Tyson were going to the restroom. I looked back and there she was. I ran to Tyson and, by the time I could get to Maverick, she already had him in her mouth with him screaming in pain. She let him go and he laid on the ground screaming with a broken, bleeding tooth. This time he has a puncture wound on his right back leg.

This is the second time in a week that this has happened but the other dog has no clue that she is hurting my little boys. She sincerely wants to play with them. I’m afraid that opportunity has flown out the window. The owner wants to coordinate times to take the dogs out. I told him I needed to deal with the matter at hand first and we can talk about that later.

I went all the way to Mahalaxmi again for the Chihuahuas to be evaluated. Tyson’s appointment was today anyway for his checkup so I headed down there. It took about an 1.5 hours to get to the Vet Hospital. I still had blood on my leg. After waiting for some time, the vet came and looked at Maverick. They took him all the way in the back where the owners can’t go. I hate that. I just want to be there for my little guy.

I think Maverick’s going to be alright. He escaped with a missing tooth and another one loose, a puncture wound and a cut lip. He is already wanting treats and is going potty outside. I had to miss class again today and won’t be able to teach in the morning as I have to closely supervise Maverick for 24 hours. Although, I’m going to regret it later, taking this break was needed. I have gotten to catch up on my own life and check in with myself.