Day 132: Presence

Today, in asana class we did only 3 asanas in 1 hour. To many Westerns, this would be a class that people would not attend again. However, in my experience I left class feeling grounded back on the floor. It was an incredible feeling.

While in Talasana, we were told to be mindful of our heels and where we place them when coming down from the asana. Our tendency is to place the feet with the toes slightly outward and our heels slightly inward. The arms and heels reach the top at the same time and the same applies to them as we come back down. Being present of that made a huge difference in my practice yesterday and the person that I was this evening.

Then, we did Utkatasana. While this asana looks simple, we made it complicated by become present to our knees. We had to make sure that our heels were up while being on our toes. Our arms had to remain at shoulder level.

Just as it was time for Shavasana at 5:52pm, some of my classmates wanted to skip out on finishing their practice. One even found it necessary to try to talk to one of the other students. I still struggle with the ‘ok’ factor of bringing my ego down because some people are just so mindless. I wanted to say something but didn’t because I am starting to change my view of what’s truly being bothered over.

The feeling of presence followed me all the way home. As I was walking my dogs, I stood in the light sprinkle of rain and watched the clouds at a distance rise literally in front of my eyes. These grey wisps of clouds lifted from hilltops and swirled around in the sky. It was this moment that I realized that my feet were standing firmly on the ground and my mind was right there, right then.