Day 139: Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Two days ago, I got my septum pierced. I got the referral from my friends at the Movement Sanctuary in Bandra. It was surprising close to the studio. I have been dealing with some feelings of self-doubt and instead of letting these thoughts destroy my progress, I decided that it was time for a new piercing. I chose this piercing because I can hide it from some of the more conservative circles I am in.

See, overcoming this negative feelings and thoughts had to come out somehow. Rather than taking them out on my partner and my family, I chose to inflict some pain on myself to match the pain that was going on on the inside. It really is a release feeling the piercing needle going through your skin. It is a very safe way to deal with your emotions.

I highly recommend Ajay at Al’s on Hill Road in Mumbai. While I was there I met his mother who is beautiful with her arms covered in tattoos while wearing traditional dress. His older brother is a tattoo artist at the tattoo shop next door to the piercing shop. His sister also came in while I was getting the piercing and happens to be a graduate of the same yoga school that I went to. She even teaches for one of the instructors that taught me in my beginning teaching certification.

I have wanted this piercing for some time now and was going to wait until I went back to Rochester at Dorje Adornments where I have gotten all of my other piercings. However, my fluctuating mood brought me to a new place with new faces and new friends.