Day 147: What Happens When Ethics Are Thrown Out?

The Mueller hearings in the United States has been a hot topic in the mainstream media in recent days. I am always amazed that I can be anywhere in the world and still be briefed on what is going on in the United States. What currently strikes me as most troublesome is the fact that ethics are being thrown out the window. Ethics are the basis of all humanity. It is the nonchargeable distinction of right and wrong or a loophole in our justice system.

Americans have been witnessing this very confusing circus for over two years now. First, came denial that a man that had no idea about politics is going to be our president. Then, came the divide that people either love him or hate him. This is still the stage we are in. However, now it is becoming a sort of obliviousness from one side that just believes anything that he says. Does a white man that is reality tv has-been and has real estate all over the world really have a seat in one of the most powerful positions in the world?

The most disturbing thing I came away with was that one side was worried about the possible criminality of the President and the other was only concerned about discrediting a man that just followed clues. It actually makes me ill that these people would thank him for his service and then call him reckless, incompetent and negligent. As a common man, I am shocked that all people don’t see the criminality that is sitting in the very house that we, as Americans, own. There was a news clip online that showed a Republican telling Democrats to ‘Shut Up and Move On.’

Is it sad that we have truth on paper in black and white and there are people saying (…and believing) that there is nothing to see here. Denial and ignorance have completely had a lovechild. It is sad that our Congress is not doing anything about these things regardless of what side you sit on. I don’t know that I trust a single politician completely. I get fooled by the ones that are ‘For The People’ and I get screwed over by the ones that promise to ‘Fix It’. Now, I am sitting with a document that is written by an institution that we are supposed to hold as the of the pinnacle of truth and are being told that the very things on this piece of paper are not as they seem.

It is a very uneasy time in America right now. I am glad that I have gotten to see this ‘outer’ perspective because I can’t really say that I sit with either side and that corruption doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. This is where ethics is being thrown out. The people that are supposed to be public servants are forgetting about the public that they are supposed serve. Instead, they are worrying about colors of people’s skin and trying to argue over language in a book written centuries ago. They all have forgotten about us.