Day 148: Inner Peace

My partner got news the other night that his mother was readmitted into the hospital the other night. He immediately got on a plane after receiving a call from his sister saying that their mom was not breathing on her own. He left our apartment shaking and what I would believe to be the first stages of shock. It has been a stressful couple of days.

the Mumbai rains have not let up for three days now and Friday night it took me two hours to get home. This trip usually takes around 25 minutes. The L&T tunnel that is on my way home was completely flooded as you will see in the photo below. Although it was inconvenient, it didn’t sway my mood.

I remained positive as water was coming into the rickshaw from a swollen creek. I remained grateful that Marzad knew the best routes. We shared a bottle of water. I was worried about his safety just as much as he was mine. To many, Marzad may just be another rickshaw driver but to me he is hero.

My inner peace has not been disturbed partly because of my training and partly because I refuse to let anything rattle me. I am definitely worried about Doug’s mother and his family as they go through this tough time. However, it feels like I have a peace of mind inside me so that I can be stronger for them. It’s not Ivone’s time to go so I am praying that God let her stay with us as long as she can.

I haven’t been the praying type until I started my yoga course and now I can’t imagine not praying. I pray for the good things, the things that I’m just grateful for and for strength to keep this work up. It takes inner peace to listen for the subtle things. It takes inner peace to take notice of the gifts that are all around me.